Bathroom Renovations and New Construction

Why do homeowners renovate and remodel their bathrooms? There are plenty of motivators. Maybe the fixtures and tile are worn out, or just plain ancient. Or perhaps the bathroom’s layout no longer fits changing lifestyles. In older houses bathrooms were built smaller than they are today. And people, of course, now tend to be bigger. In any case, moisture and age encourage mildew, mold, rot, and decay. In such cases, there’s not much choice. Repairs will likely be pretty serious. Might as well do a total bathroom renovation.


We do, after all, spend a total of 2-3 years of our lives in the bathroom. We take care of business there. Hence, there’s a serious quality of life issue when a bathroom isn’t working for a homeowner. This room is, above all, a functional space. It’s got to work. Moreover, a home’s bathroom needs to be a pleasing space, a part of the home. Nothing at all like a purely functional public bathroom.

In terms of dollars and cents, a nicely-upgraded bathroom’s return on investment at resale is tops. One of the best ROIs of all renovations. This is why it’s so important to involve experienced professionals at the earliest stages of planning. Getting it right means taking into account the bathroom’s likely usage patterns. Who’ll be using it? When? And for what? How long does the homeowner plan to stay in the house? What are the options in materials, fixtures, and designs? There are, in fact, many more choices than most homeowners are aware of. There are a lot of questions to ask. A lot of answers to seek. Without professional guidance, it’s easy to get lost at this stage.


The idea of the bathroom as a tiny “water closet” is obsolete. People today want spacious, uncrowded bathrooms. As professional designers there’s a lot we can to do to make a small space feel larger. Sometimes, though, bathroom expansion is the way to go. We can expand a bathroom into the house, or build it out onto the lot. In our Southern California climate there are exciting options like showers opening onto an enclosed deck with a free-standing bathtub.

Our Construction Gladiators welcome the opportunity to talk over your bathroom renovation needs and ideas. In-home consultation is free of charge. But charged with possibilities.

Now that you know about us and how we work, contact us today and let us start working on your next project.

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