Kitchen Renovations and New Construction

Your kitchen is he beating heart of your home. Americans consistently rate the kitchen as their favorite room in the house. We’ve all noticed that social gatherings in homes end up clustering  the kitchen. The other spaces can be beautifully laid out and decorated, but there’s just something about kitchens. Restaurant kitchens, in contrast, are completely different. They’re meal factories, workshops. A home’s kitchen is something else entirely. It’s the home-within-the-home. We spend a lot of our home time in the kitchen. We use it hard. That’s why our kitchens wear down faster than other spaces in the home. And that’s why the day of renovation is inevitable.


Kitchen renovation professionals know well that homeowners have mixed feelings about kitchen renovations. On the one hand, their desire to renew, upgrade, or even expand the kitchen is like a sweet ache. The other side of the coin is fear. There’s no denying that a kitchen renovation project disrupts home life, to one extent or another, to its core.

That’s why Construction Gladiators deploy all our years of combined experience to complete kitchen renovations with the least possible fuss. We don’t start work until we and the client are totally comfortable with the plans, budgets, and timetables. Home construction projects, though, almost all throw some surprises once under way. We, though, don’t stumble over these. We’ve seen them all before. Resolved them all before. Your home is never an on-the-job-training site for Gladiators. We’ve been there, done that. We’re respectful of your home and your privacy. When we finish, we clean up and leave your kitchen ready for use. On time, and on schedule.


Nearly all our clients tell us one of two things in our first contact with them. Their kitchen is either too small, or it’s too big! We can address tight spaces in two ways. One is re-design to improve storage and organization. Our kitchen consultants apply the "work triangle" concept to get the most out of any given kitchen space. Stove, sink, refrigerator. Position, size, and access. Stir in functional counter surfaces and it’s a recipe for renewal.

Some people, though, really need more kitchen space. Our Gladiators do that, too. We expand kitchens within the existing home’s floor space. We'll also build out onto the lot. We provide the advice and know-how that lets homeowners decide on the right strategy.

There’s nothing like a re-born kitchen in a home. We handle everything, from concept to execution. We’ll even pull any permits the local codes require. Moreover, when we finish and leave, you’ll be very glad we were there. We gladly offer free in-home consultations, just call us.

  • Cabinetry – manufactured and custom.
  • Organization and storage solutions
  • Countertops
  • New flooring
  • Appliance selection
  • Electrical and plumbing
  • Kitchen expansion
  • Anything else you can think of!

Now that you know about us and how we work, contact us today and let us start working on your next project.

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